What is Spiritual Science Research?

Meditation and mindfulness have become a global phenomenon. Few who practice meditation realize its full transformative potential when combined with a path of inner development. Steiner’s entire Spiritual Science paradigm or Anthroposophy is not only a revelation of spiritual perceptions but also a call for us to embark on a personal path of Inner Development, a vital prerequisite to fulfilling our mission here on Earth. 

The right way to meditate can lead to the perception of non-physical reality. All people have the seeds of such perceptions but are not in the habit of paying attention to the delicate and subtle information that is consciously available to them. Once developed, exact clairvoyance can be used to research the spiritual reality that lies behind all physical phenomena.

Developing one’s self in a way that leads to accurate perception makes it possible to use this ability as a science. Inessa followed that path and the courses, talks, workshops, and consultations she facilitates come not from a theoretical perspective but from the practical experience of the supersensible worlds. Inessa’s work is based on Steiner’s Spiritual Science and the healing impulses of Ita Wegman.

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Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) was a spiritual researcher, philosopher, Goethe scholar, reform pedagogue, writer, and the founder of Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science, a spiritual worldview, the essential content of which is based on clairvoyant insights into real supersensible worlds. He opened a new, forward-looking scientific approach to the spiritual world. He gave to the world Anthroposophical meditation and a modern path of initiation that helps the human being systematically develop so that an accurate and objective non-physical reality can be perceived.

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Ita Wegman (1876 – 1943) was the founder of anthroposophically extended medicine together with Rudolf Steiner. They wrote the basic medical anthroposophical work Extending Practical Medicine, which gave a theoretical basis to the new medicine. In 1917, with Steiner’s help, Ita Wegman produced a remedy for cancer from mistletoe – the oldest mistletoe preparation, now known as Iscador.