The Gospel of John study

There are the four Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament of the Bible, which describe the life of Jesus Christ, culminating in the Mystery of Golgotha.

We are trying to connect deeper with the Gospel of John and soul-spiritual impulses in the connection to it. For that, we learn and meditate by ourselves, and we also meet online and dedicate our meetings to these topics. We can take in our souls the impulses from the Prolog of The Gospel of John:

In the very beginning was the Logos,

and the Logos was with God,

and the Logos was a divine Being.

He was in the very beginning with God.

All things came into being through him;

and nothing of all that has come into being was made

except through him.

In him was life;

and the life was the light of human beings.

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Prolog of the Gospel of John in papyrus 75, ca. end of 2nd century

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We can approach an understanding of the importance of the Gospel of John from these ideas of Rudolf Steiner:

„The Gospel of John is one of the writings that contains the infinite as a source within it“ Rudolf Steiner, GA 97 – 4, p.49

“If not a single soul on Earth had read the Gospel of John, then the mission of the Earth could not have been fulfilled: from our participation in such things, spiritual forces are radiated, which give the Earth new life instead of what dies in it.” Rudolf Steiner, GA 145-5

“Every other gospel is to be seen as an addition to the gospel of John.
And the reasons for all the other Gospels lie in the Gospel of John. We therefore understand the other Gospels only when we consider them on the foundation of the Gospel of John.”
Rudolf Steiner, GA 112-13

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We can continue to develop in our souls modesty and humbleness:

“We must look at the world in a new way. Modesty and humbleness are what must take root and grow strong in our souls, especially concerning all that is said about the Gospels and in the Gospels themselves.

Then gradually we can draw nearer to the truths, to the wisdom necessary to research the problem of Christ.” Rudolf Steiner, GA 117-8

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We can take in our souls the impulse from Rudolf Steiner:

“Early in the morning when the soul was still virginal, they have let these words (John 1-14) resound in their soul,

When a man does this day by day, then something shows itself in the soul which gives him new life, he is reborn, he is spiritually transformed.

He sees around him a spiritual world of which he had previously no idea.

Everyone who takes the first verses of the Saint John Gospel and lets them work upon him for the education and training of his soul, experiences the Saint John Gospel itself in mighty pictures.”

Rudolf Steiner, GA 68a, 27 November 1906, Dusseldorf

Esoteric Christianity, The Gospel of St. John and Ancient Mysteries

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This initiative is a part of the Power of the Light of Christ initiative.

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