Spiritual Science Research – Emerson College, UK

A journey of inner spiritual development and “Learning by Doing” –

Spiritual Science Research course takes place at Emerson College, UK

with Inessa Burdich.

This experiential course addresses the inner longing many of us experience in our search for spiritual truth and understanding of our mission here on Earth. The path of self-development based upon Spiritual Science and presented in this course focuses on strengthening the “I” (the sense of Self) as a basis of all spiritual work with an emphasis on clear thinking, refinement of feeling and strengthening of the will.

The methodological and theoretical aspects are described in the talks. In the series of themed workshops, we explore and apply experiential exercises to deepen the topics of the talks. Every workshop consists of practical meditative and perception exercises and a discussion of the methods used.

The course is designed for people who are looking for, or have already embarked upon a spiritual path and are eager to consciously work on their inner development.

Please note: All talks and workshops are based on direct supersensible observations of a large number of people.

The full content of the Spiritual Science Research course is here:

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What can we achieve on the course?

The course offers an overview of the foundations of Anthroposophical “Spiritual Science” which can be experienced as something that nourishes the inner life, supports creativity, and helps participants to work in the world for its genuine progress and improvement.

We bring awareness to the whole of our individual system, especially in the areas of purifying and refining thinking and feelings, achieving subtle attentiveness and strengthening the will. We develop new capacities, we learn useful skills that then we bring back to our lives and to our professional fields. These capacities lead to new insights and innovations one can bring into all of life, and all disciplines can benefit.
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The dates of the course in 2023 and the themes of the combined talks and workshops are listed below. Every weekend includes evening talks and day workshops.


3-5 March 2023, Meditation, research and vital forces (Themes #1 and #2)

Friday 7.30 pm evening talk on theme #1: Meditation as a path of spiritual development and as a method for spiritual research

Saturday day workshop on theme #1. Practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.

Saturday evening talk on theme #2: The Etheric realm (vital forces) in human beings and in nature

Sunday day workshop on theme #2 – till lunchtime.

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Feedback about the course.

About the facilitator:

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For registration for the course please contact

Alex Wright 0044 1342 827967 (landline)

For any other questions about the course please contact: burdich.pa@gmail.com

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You can book an accommodation and food via the Emerson website: https://emerson.org.uk/research-in-spiritual-science/

Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row RH18 5JX, United Kingdom

Emerson College, UK