Spiritual Science Research – Stroud course

A journey of inner spiritual development through the method “Learning by Doing” –

the Spiritual Science Research course takes place in Christian Community, Stroud, UK,

with Inessa Burdich.

Christian Community, Stroud, UK

Spiritual Science Research course is a practical educational course focusing mainly on Anthroposophical Meditation and Spiritual Science Research. In the last six years, more than 280 participants were educated on the course. The Research course is facilitated in five languages at the moment.

Our study is mainly focused on research on ourselves, humans, and our supersensible constitution. These are the first steps in spiritual diagnostics, where we learn and deepen our knowledge of the fundamental aspects of our inner soul and spiritual life. We are getting closer to understanding how to achieve a higher level of awareness of our inner life.

We bring awareness to the whole of our individual system, especially in purifying and refining thinking and feelings, achieving subtle attentiveness and strengthening the will. We develop new capacities; we learn valuable skills that we then convey back to our personal and professional fields. These capacities lead to new insights and innovations one can bring into all of life, and all disciplines can benefit.

The course consists of practical workshops and talks, thematically related to each other. At each meeting, we immerse ourselves in the world of supersensible ideas, principles, and phenomena that are presented in talks. These topics are deepened in workshops, where we perform Anthroposophical meditations, research and perception exercises.

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The content of the Spiritual Science Research course is here:

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The course is divided into seven major themes. Each theme is facilitated over a weekend, including Friday evening talks and Saturday practical workshops. 

In every workshop, we will research and apply practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.

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The themes of the course are the following:

Theme #1: Meditation as a path of spiritual development and research method.

 Theme #2: The Etheric realm (vital forces) in human beings and nature

 Theme #3: The Astral realm (emotional forces) in human beings and nature

Theme #4: Dimensions of the sense of Self (I-manifestation) and its relation to hypersensitivity.

Theme #5. The spiritual parts of the human constitution.

Theme #6. The soul parts of the human constitution

Theme # 7. Mechanics of the Mind and Empty Consciousness

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The timetable for every weekend is:

7pm-9pm Fridays – Talks 

9am-6pm Saturdays – Workshops

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If you have any questions, please contact Rowan beingconscious@outlook.com

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Feedback from previous courses https://spiritual-science-research.com/feedback-in-english/

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You can find out more about the facilitator here: https://spiritual-science-research.com/about/

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Venue: Christian Community, 73 Cainscross Rd, Stroud GL5 4HB, UK

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Before the Research course begins, you can watch the video-talk:

From self-development to world development – an Introduction to Anthroposophical Meditation:

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