Christology Questions

On our the Power of the Light of Christ zoom meetings we get to know each other closer, share our experiences, and discuss current questions, especially in connection with Christology. Some of the discussed questions on our meetings during last 3 years you can see below:

What is our main goal when we meditate? How can we do it better?

Where do we source the power from when we meditate, where do we send it, and what role does this play for the spiritual world (what difference does it make for them – us doing this?)

Why is it important that we humans are doing this?

Have we permission to work with these powers?

Are there any exercises that will help to alleviate the anxiety in these difficult times?

How can we be the most effective working as a group?

How to understand or approach the complexity of the spiritual realm – especially how our universe is developing?

How do we experience and understand the impulse of Christ?

How can we serve in the becoming of the Christ?

How can you explain the spiritual world to a materialistic person?

What is a group soul?

What is a meaning of the second Apocalyptic seal?

Why is it easier or harder to connect with the spiritual world in different places, and can this change from person to person?

How does the force of the group magnify itself by the weight of numbers and presence of multiple minds and souls working simultaneously?

Is it ok to meditate after being on a computer all day?

Who are the negative beings who we are seeking to transform?

Is it a good idea to bring the Christ being into our hearts before we begin meditating?

Why are we doing this work? Who does it benefit? What might we achieve?

How does the light meditation connect with the I-manifestation of the person taking part?

How long is it effective to read to those who have died- for example if they have crossed over 10 or 20 years ago?

How can you verify the truth of something that comes into your consciousness?

Can you describe what a spiritual battle looks like? What do spiritual weapons look like?

How does the act of forgiveness impact the spiritual world?

How can we help the souls of the dead?

How do you pray and meditate for deceased people you have never known?

What was the role of the three Kings?

If we imagine the resurrection body of Christ and we are trying to work alongside this for the good of the earth, what is our contribution? Is it presumptuous in some way?

The catastrophes of recent times seem to be caused by a separateness from Christ-awareness. Is there now a great opportunity for a new connection with spirituality?

Do spiritual powers work through our group even in between meditations?

Do the beings work only when we are inviting them?

How can we understand the ideas we find in the news that some people are, even deliberately, doing evil. Are there really people who are just evil?

Can we form a relationship between the work we are doing and Holy Week?

How can we connect through the upcoming Whitsun festival to the Holy Spirit?

How does the Guardian Angel relate to the hierarchies and to us?

What is the supersensible background of the war?

How to understand negative Ahrimanic powers?

What is the incarnation of Ahriman?

How can we develop our I-manifestation?

What forms of cognition do you use in the supersensible research?