Spiritual science and the practical anthroposophical path of development enable differentiated soul-spiritual knowledge and perception of the non-physical levels.

Through this, new possibilities of supersensible harmonization can be further researched.

One of the crucial aspects of the path is that we are harmonizing and healing ourselves „from inside“. This is the basis, the fundament for all healing processes. And we all can go on that path of self-development and help ourselves.

At the same time, in some of the cases, some support in this process can be helpful.

This support can be for an individual or for a couple / family / organization.

Temple Lodge, London

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Private consultations

In order to outline the volume of individual possible work, let’s consider in the beginning the following.

In the aura of every human, there are 16 supersensible major parts (bodies) and additionally 9 sub-terrestrial aspects.

Every chemical substance, medication, vaccination, drug, and addiction. etc is a supersensible being.

So, in an aura of a human, can be expected contaminations from all these beings on all 25 levels.

Plus, we have to work with all unresolved karma or biographical blockages.

And of course, we look not only at the past but also at the future! We can continue the work further developing:

– Absolute inner Quietness;

– Self-mastery;

– Equanimity;

– Forgiveness;

– Devotion, reverence, awe;

– Chakras,

– I-manifestation;

– Reflective work;

– Transformative work on negative emotions;

– “Distinguishing between the essential and the non-essential”;

– Meditation every day

– other qualities and aspects.

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Consultancy for Couples, Families, Organisations

This is many facets and completely individual research that depends entirely on the main question of the organization.

Such research often includes research of an Angel of a company and supersensible audit of a place.

For example, an audit of the place and sub-terrestrial levels where a school, a hospital, a production site, equipment, and a device are situated and following harmonization of it if needed.

Where to build a new school/office/clinic? – searching for a place.

What are the supersensible reasons for the current problems in existing buildings and how to improve the situation?

What work is required?

How in the best way to merge several companies together?

Is there anything to be aware of?

Why do the sleep qualities of the daughter/mother/ family become worse in the newly bought house?

What advice do you have regarding the possible moving of school/office/equipment/ production?