Youth Questions

Some of the asked/discussed questions on our Knowledge of the Higher Worlds meetings you can see below:

What is anthroposophical meditation?

What is unique about Anthroposophical meditation?

Why is Anthroposophical meditation important now?

How does one begin a meditative path?

What experiences await us?

How would you describe your meditative practice?

Why do we meditate?

What have you learned on your spiritual path?

Where do you see your focus within Anthroposophical meditation?

How has meditation helped for your personal development?

How can I begin a meditative practice?

What are some of the different levels or depths of meditation, and how can we achieve them?

How can I make meditation a part of my daily life?

What are the different levels of thinking involved in meditation?

What is the role of feelings in meditation?

How can we free the mind? How does meditation relate to this?

What is the difference between developed and undeveloped thinking, feeling, and willing?

What is the correct and appropriate development of the physical body towards Spirit Man?

What would be a good daily meditation in preparation for working with children age 4-7?

What makes meditation anthroposophical?

What is the difference between anthroposophical meditation and New Age or Buddhist meditation?

What is the purpose of Steiner’s six basic exercises?

How can we meditate together?

How can one form a meditative circle or group?

Is meditative group work effective, and if so, why?

What does it mean to learn about meditation from other people?

What role do people who practice anthroposophical meditation play to each other?

Digital technology and meditation: how does digital technology affect communication between people?

What is the efficacy of meditating with modern electric technology, or using technology as a vehicle for meditation?

How can we protect ourselves when we’re using technology, in particular if one has to spend hours every day on a computer for work?

Are there any links between art practice and meditation?

Is art important for the meditative mind?

Are there any artistic activities that can help with a meditative path?

What is the relationship between the quality of a work of art and the different spiritual levels that are present within it?

How can one go deeper in meditation?

Where and how meditation becomes perception?