The Astral realm (emotional forces) in human beings and nature

These days of materialism and intellectualism, our feelings are often accorded little importance. Yet it is increasingly recognised that they play a significant role in our well-being and, very importantly, our bodily health.

This talk is mainly dedicated to the area of our feelings and emotions (also called the astral body) and subjects which will be considered include the following.

  • How does the astral body in the human appear from a supersensible point of view? How does it change with age or illness, your profession, etc.?
  • How can the astral body be affected by our biographical situations, usual daily activities, and negative spiritual influences, even if they are not directly perceived?
  • How do I train myself to control my feelings? How do I become more aware of my own astral body?
  • How can I quieten my soul and maintain this quietness and equanimity?