Mechanics of the Mind.

In this talk, primarily dedicated to the area of our thinking processes (‘lower’ spiritual realm), we will look at the functions of the intellectual part of the soul (mental processes) and how it is affected by our everyday activities. Our thinking occurs in the so-called intellectual part of our soul, which can be understood as a kind of “stage” where the beings of thoughts can “appear and act”.

The intellectual part of the soul can receive thought content and is receptive to a higher perception. A correctly formed research question activates a connection between the intellectual mind and spiritual insight, but to obtain a clear answer from the spiritual worlds, we have to provide a ‘state of mind without content’, i.e. a so-called ‘empty mind’ devoid of thoughts, wishes, images, bias, and preconceptions. Achievement of the empty mind is an essential step in our inner development and a core requirement for spiritual science research.