What is Spiritual Science Research?

Meditation and mindfulness have become a global phenomenon. Few who practice meditation realise its full transformative potential when combined with a path of inner development more..

Online Research

We are pleased to present a journey of inner spiritual development and “Learning by Doing”: Spiritual Science Research – online course. more

Weleda Research

Spiritual Science Research course takes place at Weleda, Ilkeston, UK more

Stroud Research

A journey of inner spiritual development –Spiritual Science Research course takes place in Stroud, UK. more

Lanzarote Research

A fantastic possibility to combine your self-developmental work with the sunny holiday on Canary Island including ocean swim every day and meditative walk along sandy beaches! more

From self-development to world development

Introduction to Anthroposophical Meditation.

Online introduction talk more

Online Research course
in Spanish and English

Spiritual Science Research – Investigación en Ciencias Espirituales – online course in English with simultaneous translation in Spanish. more

The Power of the Light of Christ

How to unite our efforts in supporting our planet, people, and beings? If you care for these questions more


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Spiritual Science Research – Video Channel

Welcome to the Spiritual Science Research – video channel! more