What is Spiritual Science Research?

Meditation and mindfulness have become a global phenomenon. Few who practice meditation realise its full transformative potential when combined with a path of inner development more..

Events Calendar

Events Calendar more

Weleda Research

Spiritual Science Research course takes place at Weleda, Ilkeston, UK more

Online Research
course in English

Spiritual Science Research – course in English takes place online. more

Lanzarote Research course

Spiritual Science Research – Lanzarote course takes place at Lanzarote, Canary Islands. more

Research courses in German

Here, you can find all the courses and activities in German. more

Portugal Research

English / Portuguese: Investigação em Ciência Espiritual – Curso em Portugal more

Spiritual Science Research course content

A journey of inner spiritual development through the method of “Learning by Doing” more

The Power of the Light of Christ

An international Christological initiative and the Gospel of John study more

From self-development to world development

– an Introduction to Anthroposophical Meditation. Online talk more


Research is a systematic investigation and creative work undertaken to increase and enrich knowledge more


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