From self-development to world development

– an Introduction to Anthroposophical Meditation

talk with Inessa Burdich

Rudolf Steiner 1921

Steiner’s entire Spiritual Science paradigm is not only a revelation of spiritual perceptions but also a call for us to embark on a personal path of Inner Development, a vital prerequisite to fulfilling our mission here on Earth. The anthroposophical path of knowledge enables each person to become “the master” of their own “house” through a strengthening of their “I – manifestation” (sense of Self), the foundation of all spiritual work, and the forces of our thinking, feeling and will.

Going on this spiritual path empowers us to clarify our personal aim for this life and the more extensive perspectives of humanity by answering the core questions – how can one develop oneself, and how can one connect with others for the sake of our planet and its problems?

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