Dimensions of the sense of Self (I-manifestation) and its relation to hypersensitivity.

In our individual spiritual journey, we ask ourselves, again and again, the core question: “Who am I?” The mystery of the I is the biggest enigma of our existence. It is incarnating in our lower bodies and manifesting itself there. In this talk, we will discuss the problems of the manifestation of the “I”, i.e. the “sense of Self”, also called our I-body or I-bearer.

Strengthening the I-manifestation is considered to be a powerful remedy against many mental disorders and other illnesses and is the basis of all spiritual work. Aspects of strengthening our ‘I’ and the correlations between a strong I-manifestation and our health and diseases will be explored using the example of hypersensitivity.

Today hypersensitivity is an increasingly common phenomenon. People with hypersensitivity have a distinct supersensible constitution, and as part of this talk, we will explore the genesis of hypersensitivity and ways of increasing personal resilience to overcome it.