The Power of the Light of Christ

facilitated by Inessa Burdich

The Power of the Light of Christ initiative came into existence at the spring equinox of 2020. The initial aim was to unite our efforts in supporting our planet, people, and beings during the Corona pandemic. At our one-year-annual meeting in spring equinox 2021, with a single heart, we decided to continue our work beyond the Corona situation. 

In our work, in our meetings, as a fundamental attitude, we take in our souls the following impulses:

“Love is higher than opinion.” Rudolf Steiner, GA 95-11.

“Wherever we are gathered together, we are gathered in the name of the search for wisdom and the search for love.” 

Rudolf Steiner, GA 146-1.

Isenheim Altarpiece, Matthias Grünewald, 1512–1516, Unterlinden Museum, Colmar, Alsace, France.

Our work involves inviting Christ’s Powers and Michaelic armies from cosmic heights to the people, beings, and the Earth and even deeper into the supersensible sublevels of the Earth. Experience shows this work can make a positive contribution to Covid illness, negative climate change, and other adverse activities. We recommend using Christ prayers and meditative Steiner texts in our meditations (see below). Our work also contributes to the general task of spiritualizing matter.

We experience how important it is to meditate simultaneously for a common higher ideal. By working together, we find that the power of our meditation is not just multiplying but is exponentiating! This creates a stronger resonance and living connection between us and brings more powerful, substantial, positive, and steady impulses to the spiritual dimensions of the world. 

And, what is essential is that, through our communal efforts, the more powerful spiritual beings can connect with the group and support the initiative. It is difficult to connect with these beings alone, but in the group, we have a chance to do this. Thus, those higher spiritual hierarchies and developed beings can support each participant through the group.

In our experience, our work is not just a meditation of the kind where the focus of the process is sometimes unclear and mainly dedicated to the participant’s personal well-being. The meditation we perform is a conscious and active work in response to the supersensible challenges posed by beings, dark powers, and adversary forces, to which we invite the Powers of Love. 

We can invite the Powers of Light, Love, Goodness, and Warmth of Christ to enter our hearts and stream out towards the aspect we are working with. 

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Why the Power of the Light of Christ?

“I am the light of the world.” (John 8:12)

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“… Light That warms The poor shepherd hearts

Light That enlightens The wise kings’ heads.

Light divine,

Sun of Christ,

Warm Our hearts —

Enlighten Our heads…” (Rudolf Steiner, from Foundation Stone Meditation)

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“In him was life,

and the life was the light of human beings.

And the light shines in the darkness;

and the darkness has not accepted it.” (John 1:4-5)

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On Sundays and Wednesdays at 7 pm UK time, we have extensive common meditation, where many of our friends meditate together. After this meditation, we can share our experiences in the WhatsApp/Telegram groups.

Additionally, we meditate: 

·      On other evenings at 9 pm local time.

·      Many of us also meditate in the mornings. 

·    Some people also do a short meditation on the hour. 

We don’t do zooms during our meditations; we connect in the soul-spiritual.

Our regular zoom meetings are for getting to know each other better, sharing our experiences, and discussing current questions, especially in connection with Christology. 

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Some of the discussed questions at our meetings you can find here.

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The Gospel of John study here.

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If you would like to connect, please contact Rowan

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The Power of the Light of Christ initiative has spread to many different countries and across all continents. We are now active in seven languages. Our circle of spiritual friends who have taken up the initiative now extends to more than 500 participants (in winter 2023):

The Power of the Light of Christ in English – The Power of the Light of Christ

The Power of the Light of Christ in German – Die Kraft des Christuslichts

The Power of the Light of Christ in Spanish – El Poder de la Luz de Cristo

The Power of the Light of Christ in French – La Puissance de la Lumière du Christ

The Power of the Light of Christ in Portuguese – O Poder da Luz de Cristo

The Power of the Light of Christ in Bulgarian – Силата на Христовата Светлина

The Power of the Light of Christ in Russian – Мощь Света Христа